In Defense of Roosters

In Defense of Roosters

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Sista Sola

She was the sweetest baby hen and the most hungry. No matter where she was in the yard when I shook the peanut can she would come running. She was the smartest and almost always got the morning cockroach which was delivered in a yogurt container to whoever was the fastest. She and Rusty were the only chickens who would would let me touch them but she alone would hop up into my lap looking for seeds. I was devastated when she turned up missing.

Irv was chased off and joined up with Henry's group after Rusty had become incorrigible and Sola, I supposed, was just mortified at how he had besmirched the family, well she was gone. The other hens, Goldie, Queenie, Penny, the Ladies Grey (4 0f them), Lucy (the redhead), Carmen (gorgeous black and gold), were beautiful and all but they just couldn't fill the gap, I missed my Sista!

Imagine my delight when John came home one day and announced that he knew where she was! "Where?" "Just come outside, look under the house".
OMG!!!!!! There she was with 12 little puff balls! She was looking so proud, and had definitely changed into a fully developed chicken woman! I was beside myself, I immediately forgot my obsession with Rusty and settled into being a doting Auntie. They were adorable!! More adorables, Oh joy! And I had an automatic "in" with them, after all, Sola was my Sis.
But wait, not so fast, as I bent over, all of a sudden she puffed up to three times her normal width and shrieked, "hands off", these are mine! "Whoa! But Sis"…she wouldn't hear it, "back off seedmutha", you can look but no touché, understand, yeah?

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